Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For a Snowy Day

At the Jinny Beyer website I found this pattern and fabric kits in 2 colorways. I gave buddy Midge one of the kits, and I gave myself the other; we shared the pattern and directions. And today we got started.

One of the reasons I like doing quilts and wall art is because they are flat. Patterns, like this one, are a bit scary, because these projects are actually three-dimensional.
Here's what this bag looked like at 9 this morning. Bag front, back, vent, pockets, straps, lining bits, facing, fusible fleece, and five pages of directions.

Lucky for me, Midge is a direction reader.  She was one step ahead of me all day long, which is just fine with me. I think perhaps we are one-third of the way done. And being snowed in tomorrow will be a great time to continue working on this
Here's where I am now.  Tomorrow I'll work on the lining, assuming I can read and follow directions without Midge.  This blizzard has us all snowed in!


Anna said...

that pattern looks really nice and your fabric is beautiful! can't wait to see it finished:D

Carol G said...

Beautiful fabric. Look forward to the finish. I also hate reading directions. Usually save that for after I've tried the learn by doing method.