Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Morning with the Three LeGrand Brothers

Christopher LeGrand was in the studio this morning. The pillow he commissioned from Bradley's shirts for his brother Michael is ready, and Chris is putting in the mail to Mike in Texas. This pillow - 12" x 16" - is made from the cuffs of Bradley's shirts. The back of the pillow is one of the shirt backs. And there is one of Bradley's trademark Fleur-de-lis buttons in the center of the front. The words on the back on this pillow are the same as the ones on the back of sister Linda and Mr. and Mrs. LeGrand's quilts.

Chris worked on the layout of his own quilt - I had already cut the 9.5" squares from the shirts he brought over last week.  This final layout took us two hours and is one we are both at peace with.  It's not easy figuring out what isn't right, but we both knew this layout is the one.  We also know there is going to be a narrow inner border of black from one of Brad's shirts that has an interesting black-on-black design.  The outer border is one I need to shop for - a very dark navy/black fabric, perhaps a batik.  I'll go to in Willowbrook to find what I need.

Bradley's birthday was this past week.  He would have been 45.  It was a difficult week for his parents and for Christopher, Linda, and Mike.  And every future February 9 will be difficult as well, I expect.  But after these moments of intense grief, there are also moments of peace. 

Today in the studio with Chris, Mike, and Brad was one of those peaceful moments. 

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Carol G said...

What a wonderful tribute. I love the words on the back. Both the quilt and the pillow are beautiful on their own but even more so because they are filled with personal meaning.