Monday, February 14, 2011

New Purse and New Product

I took one of my own purses to Kenya with me and loved it for its size, zippered compartments, and hidden pocket.  So I made another one of this pattern and love how it turned out.  Instead of using a batting in the purse, I used a new product, Soft and Stable, by  And this product is a winner.  It's easy to sew through and it softly holds its shape.

I've discovered that the inside of purses must be light-colored in order to find things. And for a while I tried to talk myself out of the importance of zippered compartments as a way to avoid zippers. Luckily I have mastered these zippers because both of these compartments contribute to the success of this purse design. I'd show you the hidden pockets except they are very cleverly hidden in the brown sides!

I want to get back to some "flat" things for me, like quilts, but when I have this purse surge going, I have to give in to it. Luckily today is a clear day. Tomorrow I'll start piecing together Christopher's quilt!

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