Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Fabrics for the Studio - and an Old One

Aren't these fabulous? Any fabrics I buy must be washed before they go into my stash. Normally I don't enjoy laundry chores - unless they involve new fabrics. I find it very satisfying as I take fabrics out of the dryer and fold them. It's an extra excuse to touch and study and plan what I want to do with these. Can you tell I've just returned from Africa? All of these read "ethnic" to me. I'm not a "bricks and mortar" shopper - I do best when I'm e-shopping. eQuilter.com and Hancock's of Paducah are two of my favorite sources for fabrics. Decent sale prices and quality!

 Here's a fabric I'm sad to say goodbye to.  It's a rich lovely paisley with some gold in it.  I think I made some Mors bags for Christmas a few years ago from this.  And as so often happens, once I start to use a fabric, I really develop a love for it.  There is less than a quarter yard of this.  And it definitely fits into buddy Cecilia's house.  Her birthday is this Saturday.  So here is a set of Mug Rugs (thank you, Rachel, for that idea) that I think she'll use.  The batting is actually a thermal batting designed for hot stuff.  Good thing she isn't a blog reader, eh?


Cslegrand said...

Those are beautiful. At first I thought they were placemats, which would also be really nice. The colors, design and layout are wonderful.

Carol G said...

Your new Africa fabrics are wonderful. I would have a hard time cutting them for a while (unless I planned to keep the project). Your "old" fabric was beautiful too and since you are gifting the mug rugs to a friend, maybe you'll still get to enjoy it occasionally.

Beginning Quilting said...

I love your new fabrics too! Good choice indeed. :) The old fabric is nice too. I love the idea of making it mug rugs. Hope your friend would love it. Keep up the good work!