Sunday, February 6, 2011

Deconstruct, Piece together, Quilt - Repeat

Christopher LeGrand was back in the studio. Before Christmas we did quilts from his brother Bradley's shirts for their parents and sister and a pillow for their aunt. These Christmas presents which celebrated Bradley's life were warmly received by the LeGrands. In fact, I received lovely tear-stained notes from Mrs. LeGrand and Chris's sister Linda. This morning Chris showed me the binder he made from my blog entries, which accompanied these quilts. Even I was moved at the loveliness of this entire gift package.

The focus of today's work is creating a quilt now for Christopher himself. The majority of these shirts are black, but you can see a couple of lighter shirts. It's going to be a challenge to create a design from these shirts. Chris is coming back next Sunday to work on this task.

And from the cuffs of these shirts brother Mike will get a pillow. Of course I'm glad to see Christopher again, but I'm even happier that his quilt will give completion to the LeGrand family quilting project.

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